Self Storage Development Process

Proven Self Storage Development Process

Why Choose StoreIT

Self-storage facilities are getting more popular all the time. StoreIT makes it easy to develop your project as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. When planning your self-storage facility, it’s important to have a concise development process timeline in place. Otherwise, you can encounter problems that can undermine the project.

StoreIT’s self-storage development process

1. Identify the Property. It’s important to choose the right location for your business. You need a spot that meets your needs and where you can attract as many clients as possible.

2. Under contract: 7 days. Sign the contract so you can begin moving forward.

3. Due Diligence: 90-360 days. This entails making sure the property is suitable in every way and that you know what you’re getting. It includes inspecting the property for faults, title search, compliance with zoning codes, and researching the seller. You want to spot any potential problems such as tax liens on the property, conflicts with local regulations or anything else that could interfere with your plans.

4. Banking. Obtaining the necessary paperwork and getting bank approval for loans.

5. Construction. The actual construction of your storage facility and one of the most important aspects of the self-storage development process. We help you ensure that you’re clear about all the details of construction.

6. Operations. Getting your facility ready for business so you can begin serving clients.

Adhering to a development process is the best way to create a successful self-storage facility that you can open as quickly as possible. During each of these phases, StoreIT guides you, helps you stay on budget, and makes sure that your project is proceeding on schedule. With our experience in this field, we also help you create a facility with features that will attract clients.

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