Self-Storage Developer

Self Storage Facility Developers

Whether this is your first self-storage project, or you’ve opened other facilities, there are many details to which you need to attend. Here are some of the areas that we’ll guide you through when developing a self-storage facility.

  • Navigating city and county agency guidelines. Every town, city, and county has its own guidelines and regulations regarding businesses and, in particular, storage facilities. Areas of concern include local zoning laws, fire codes, stormwater rules, and other rules enforced by municipalities. We guide you and make sure you comply with local rules and regulations. For example, in some areas, you can’t build a facility within a certain number of miles of another one. There may also be requirements such as on-site drainage.
  • Assist with plan design. Design features have a great deal of impact on your self-storage’s success. You want a site that’s within your budget, the right size, convenient to use, and that’s appealing enough to attract tenants. The ideal design depends on many factors, such as your budget, location, and target market. For example, some tenants will require larger units and demand more features such as climate control, while others are mainly interested in smaller units.
  • See the project through to completion. We’ll make sure you don’t overlook anything and guide you towards how to develop a self-storage facility and the many obstacles that might come up during the process. A storage facility is a complex project that demands attention to detail during every phase. StoreIT has extensive self-storage facility development experience that allows you to feel confident that your project will proceed smoothly. We can turn your goals and dreams into a practical, finished project in a surprisingly short time.

Become a self-storage developer in no time