Self-Storage Consultant

Self-Storage Consultant

When planning a self-storage project, the first step is to make sure that the project is feasible. Before you invest time and money into construction, you need to do the proper research. Let StoreIT be your expert self-storage consultant who can help you determine the feasibility of your project.

To obtain financing, you’ll need to submit a formal feasibility study. However, before you even create this, it’s worth doing preliminary research to assess whether the project is viable. As consultants,  we’ll rate research, unit mix, and proforma. We can analyze every aspect of your proposed project, such as:

  • The feasibility of the site. Is it in a location with sufficient traffic?
  • Demographics of area. This includes population density, income, and other factors that indicate the presence of potential customers.
  • Competition. You may not want to build in an area that already has several self-storage facilities.
  • Zoning regulations in the area.
  • Consulting with engineers. It is best to always consult with civil engineers and architects to assess whether a parcel is appropriate for a self-storage facility.

Why You Should Trust StoreIT

StoreIT was founded by Dr. Wayde Elliott, who practiced dentistry for two decades before working in the self-storage industry since 2009. He has developed and sold over $68 million in self-storage units. He has guided many entrepreneurs and helped them get started in the growing and profitable self-storage industry. StoreIT is the ideal self-storage consultant to determine your project’s feasibility and every aspect of planning, construction, and development.

Self storage consulting made easy!