Americans’ love of stuff has created prime opportunities for people who are looking for a solid investment. The self-storage industry is booming, and investing in these properties often leads to a high ROI for the investor.

Dr. Wayde Elliott began working in self-storage development in 2009 in St. Helens, OR. This first project involved working directly with the highway department, railroad and state’s land division due to issues with the area being in a wetland. From this project, Dr. Elliott learned a great deal about self-storage and all of the ins and outs of developing and maintaining such units.

What We Do

Dr. Elliott practiced dentistry for over two decades. During this time, he learned great insights about the value of trust. He always worked with his patients to figure out the best situation for them, and he continues to use this skill in his self-storage development business. His self-discipline and reliability create trust in his clients, and his ability to make decisions and move forward quickly makes them clients for life.

Dr. Elliott is passionate about helping others who want to break into the self-storage business. With over $30 million worth of self-storage units developed and sold, rest assured that Dr. Elliott knows what he is talking about. Whether you are interested in the entire process from start to finish or you simply want to invest in the final product, Dr. Elliott can advise and guide you on your first self-storage project. He has seen it all and can help you through the inevitable snags you will run up against. With his experience and expertise, you’ll be a self-storage developer in no time. Contact us today at StoreIT to get started.